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Tropical House 2, From the Nature’s Botanics Portfolio, 2023, Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 24 inches


While visiting the Atlanta Botanical Gardens in February I walked through the tropical house. There were plenty of orchids in bloom that day but I seemed to gravitate towards the forest areas.

There is a mesmerizing lushness of towering palms interspersed with other plants such as Sansevieria “Sayuri.” Its elegant silver gray leaves create a contrast against the backdrop of the monumental palm trees. I found myself transported to a world far removed from the bustle of everyday life, finding solace in this living sanctuary.

Wanting to express simplicity about this experience I singled out the plants and created my own unique background. The switch from reality to a modernist viewpoint in creating the work provided a captivating contrast between two vastly different tropical plants.

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