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Juanita Bellavance, Variation 7, From Variations on a theme portfolio, Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 24 inches


I used to teach music to elementary-age students. One year the chorus performed a song titled, “Mirror Image.” For this song, some of the students were on stage facing each other as if standing in front of a free-standing full-length mirror. A parent had volunteered to make some empty frames to look like mirrors were between the students.

When the curtain opened the parents were stunned and actually gasped because just 10 seconds before that the stage had been set completely differently. Now it was set with only the “mirrors” and the students standing like statues in front of them ready to act out the song.

When the audience gasped, I was stunned as well. I had no idea what the impact was on people watching such a transformation. Seeing the transformed stage in ten seconds flat was no surprise to me after having spent so much time creating and practicing the concept.

This painting creates similar awe for me.

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