Juanita Bellavance, Variation 6, From Variations on a theme portfolio, Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 24 inches


For a while, I become very interested in hand stitching a quilt.  I had seen quilts at the county fair and was completely drawn to one that was solid white so the stitched design was barely visible.  I was fascinated with the subtly.  The design is like a hidden treasure that could go unnoticed but then suddenly get discovered.  

I enjoy making white-on-white paintings.  I feel like they have a touch of class when located in just the right setting.  This one reminds me a little of white marble. I like seeing the large scale of the shapes being used as the theme of these variations too.  The tile on my kitchen backsplash is tones of neutral much like this painting.  It would look great in there.  The walls are five shades of blue and white and are light.  

Here’s an example of a discovery I’ve made simply from writing about the awe my art presences for me. 

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