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Juanita Bellavance, Life cycle, From the Chestatee River portfolio, 2021, 24 x 24 inches


Dusk by the river obviously captured my attention strongly. This is another painting inspired by that February 3, 6:00 PM visit. Even though I had been there many times before by this time, dusk brought a deeper connection. Maybe the light and shadows created more of a layered appearance bringing out that historical sense of it all.⁣

Recently I discovered a book written by four people who had grown up around the Chestatee. I’m sure these stories parallel life beside most rivers in the United States. They talk of how they were free to spend as much time outdoors and around the river as they wanted as children. They were warned not to go near the pool at the Copper Mine as it was dangerous. ⁣

Layer upon layer the river has evolved. It’s much better cared for than in those older days because people now have a better awareness of their impact on the environment. That’s good news!⁣

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