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Juanita Bellavance, Arising from the fog, 2022


Hello. My 24 Variations on a Theme portfolio is complete now so I’ll be sharing new art more randomly.

I wanted to try this idea of using black and gray predominantly for an abstract impressionist landscape. I love black and white art. At one point I made an entire portfolio of 37 black and white paintings. I called it “The simple life.

I also love to wear black. It has a richness to it that I like. It’s comforting, almost like being draped in spirituality. Can you believe I actually wore all black every single day for at least ten years after I left teaching music? It was a rebellious act really at the time. To some it’s a sign of depression. It did not mean that to me at all even though I had plenty to be depressed about when people were so concerned about my wearing black. I guess they thought if they wore black it would mean they were depressed.

For instance this painting doesn’t seem depressing to me at all and almost seems a little whimsical with the contrast of the white dots.

You may be seeing more of this palette this year. I have heard black is a decor trend for the next couple of years per Pinterest. That could be convenient for me if I go into this dark phase again.

But don’t hold me to it. I have really enjoyed the colorful Variations on a Theme portfolio just completed April 1-24. I like my freedom. Ha!


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