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December 10, Windy Day, From the 25 Days of Minis Portfolio, 2022, Acrylic on panel, 8 x 8 inches, Framed-9.5 x 9.5 inches


​On a breezy day, it’s so beautiful to see a shower of petals flying through the air. It feels so fresh and crisp.  Being outside when this is happening is bittersweet. The fresh crisp air is so easy to breathe in.  I can feel it now just thinking about it.  Seeing the change in leaves and lingering petals is a sign to buckle down and get snug for the days ahead. I look forward to the snug days of Winter for their own value even though Winter is my least favorite season. 

This painting puts me in a pensive state of mind considering the possibilities that lie ahead. Clearing space along with nature and preparing for the repeat of the beauty coming next.  

Part of our 25 Days of Minis Collection.  Collect them all!

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